Libraries, Digital Advertising, and the Machine Zone

Librarians are an underused, underpaid, and underestimated legion. And one librarian in particular is frustrated by e-book lending. Not just the fact that libraries have to maintain waitlists for access to a digital file, but also that the barriers to checking out an ebook are unnecessarily high. As she puts it,

“Teaching people about having technology serve them includes helping them learn to assess and evaluate risk for themselves.”

In her view,

“Information workers need to be willing to step up and be more honest about how technology really works and not silently carry water for bad systems. People trust us to tell them the truth.”

That seems like the least that can be expected by library patrons.

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A New Look

I redesigned the site! Really, I just added a new theme. However, I also took the initiative and went premium, largely so that I could act on a longstanding desire to add sidenotes to my blog. If you notice anything amiss, please let me know.

This new theme should be responsive, but the sidenotes won’t be. So that’s a bit unfortunate, but I’ll only be including them on fairly long pieces anyway. Sidenote implementation courtesy of Beau Hartshorne’s CSS. Thanks Beau! I’m really excited about this, because it means that I can do a better job of keeping long posts on topic, while still indulging my tangential whims.

With all that in mind, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all soon!