Tips for live tweeting an event

If you use Twitter and are attending an event that you want to share with your twitter followers, you can live tweet it as it’s happening. While you can live tweet basically any event, these tips focus mainly on talks that you might attend as part of a conference, a meetup, a sponsored speaker series, or another presentation. I’ve live tweeted several conferences (two as part of a job, such as #SUMIT14), talks, and series of talks as @smorewithface. First, the basics on live tweeting an event, then some pro tips and best practices to follow before and during the event.

Tweet! Tweet live!

My tips for live tweeting an event.

With all of those tips in mind, here’s how to be more prepared to follow through in the heat of the tweeting.

Before you start

Before you go to the event, consider these questions.

Some additional considerations before the event include some extra preparation. Especially if you’re tweeting in an official context, these tips can take your tweet game to the next level.

After you know what you’re doing, get prepared to successfully live tweet an event.


Live tweeting isn’t for everyone. You can enjoy an event without Twitter. You might actually remember more! You can review your tweets later as a form of notes, but you wrote them to other people so you may prefer to take your own notes to record your thoughts instead. The hive mind can be valuable, but also oppressive. I often bow out of live tweeting an event and savor it instead. Some events are also difficult to live tweet and share in a text-mode or with others that aren’t there. Don’t force it for the notification love. Live tweet for you (or your job).

Hey but what about liveblogging, live chatting, live slacking, live…

In my opinion, live tweeting is slightly different from those media. A liveblog has an interested audience, there for all of it. They are likely following a liveblog in lieu of attending the event, and want to know much more detail about what is happening. Live tweeting involves your followers, who are there to follow you and not necessarily a barrage chronicle of an event. You want to curate more on Twitter. You want someone to get the same insights that they might have gotten if they had attended the same talk or conference, but as told by you, rather than every single insight. There is room in liveblogging for personal reactions and commentary, but I think the audiences and the goals of liveblogging and livetweeting are somewhat different.