Politics and server locations

Theorizing the Web 2014 included a panel on World Wide Web(s): Theorizing the Non-Western Web. The participants, from the program, follow:

The live tweets from the session included some interesting tidbits.

Interesting to think about how the physical locations of Web servers fit into discussions of international politics. #TtW14 #b1

— Grace AfsariMamagani (@gafsari) April 25, 2014

These 7 popular Nigerian sites are all hosted in the US or Europe, causing latency. @TOdumosu in #Ttw14 #b1

— Cat Goodfellow (@catgoodfellow) April 25, 2014

“A truly indigenous web is of paramount importance” - Tolu Odumosu #TtW14 #b1

— Kira Simon-Kennedy (@sk_kira) April 25, 2014

Tolu Odumosu on the Nigerian web: it’s mostly mobile and even local sites are hosted in the US, slowing down connections #TtW14 #b1

— Kira Simon-Kennedy (@sk_kira) April 25, 2014